about graft

Hello, and welcome to GRAFT, the hard-working goods store.

why "graft"?

noun meaning "hard work"
Example: "success came after years of hard graft"

When coming up with a brand name I remembered that the people of the North West are famous for two things; their friendly nature and a tireless work ethic. In this part of the world, the word "graft" means working hard to achieve a goal. What better term for a brand!

The GRAFT logo includes the hammer-pencil standing for the makers and creatives of the city, whilst a worker bee tattoo is a nod to Manchester's hard working ethics and industrial heritage. 

where it all started

GRAFT was created by Col Skinner, a digital marketer by day, and (aspiring) creative by night. It all started after the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing where the community spirit and pride in Manchester went off the charts. I saw so many items coming out that celebrated this wonderful city and it got me thinking about what my own logo for the city would look like. Something for the locals, not the tourists. It would have to be timeless and sum up the way the people of Manchester pull together and work through any challenge. That's where this first design came from:


  • The bee represents Manchester's industrial past.
  • AD 79 was the year Manchester, known then as Mancunium, was founded by the Romans.
  • The rain drop on the bees back is a reference to Manchester's infamously rainy climate.
  • "In Rain, We Graft" is there to sum up Manchester's attitude towards hard work and working together through hard times. 

After printing a few t-shirts for myself I kept getting asked where I got them so thought why not offer somewhere where people can buy them. GRAFT was born. Keep coming back for more design releases in the future.



Col, Founder at GRAFT