Have a question or query? We have tried to answer the commonly asked questions below. But if you cant find the answer you need, please email us at hello@graft.shop.


do you accept returns or exchanges?

Being a small indie business we operate on the PoD (Print On Demand) model. This means that we don't hold a ton of stock and instead make your item as soon as the order comes through. This means that we can only offer a refund if there is a fault with your item. 

what do i do if the product is faulty?

Whilst rare, it does occasionally happen. Simply email or send a tweet on Twitter @WeAreGraft with a photo and description of the fault and we’ll arrange a replacement or refund.


what is your order turnaround time?

We aim to keep our turnaround times within 2-5 working days, and 99% of the time we do. In case of that rare 1%, we’ll contact you to let you know about the delay.

how much do you charge for shipping?

Shipping costs vary. We base our shipping rates on the weight being shipped, the destination it's being shipped to and the shipping method selected. You can find a comprehensive table of shipping prices here

how are my products shipped?

Depending on size, quantity and your choice of shipping method, orders are shipped by Royal Mail or DPD.

when will my products be delivered?

This depends on the courier, but Royal Mail quote their First Class delivery service as taking 1 to 3 working days for UK deliveries, 3 to 5 working days for Europe and 7 to 10 for the rest of the world. The Courier option is a next working day service in the UK.  You can find all shipping estimates on our Shipping Costs page. 

what if my order doesn't arrive?

Whilst rare, parcels can go missing in the post. We cannot issue replacement orders until 10 working days after dispatch for the UK and 28 days for EU & INT. This is because we cannot claim from royal mail until this time. 

If an order does not arrive, we always recommend asking the customer to check at their local post office and confirming their address before contacting us. Please also note that we must be notified within 30 days of any orders that have not arrived. After this time we cannot replace any orders free of charge.

do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can ship any order worldwide. International parcels are sent either through Royal Mail or DPD depending on the shipping method you selected.

will i be able to track my products as they’re shipped to my customers?

Yes, but only if you’ve upgraded your service to Recorded or Courier. When shipped to the UK, Royal Mail's Recorded service is only tracked on collection and delivery - if you want to track UK parcels in more detail you'll need to use the Courier option. Both Recorded and Courier offer detailed tracking for all orders shipped outside the UK. 

product care *important*

Graphic tees, sweatshirts & hoodies should be machine washed cold and tumble dried low (or hung dry) else you risk cracking / peeling the design.

turn the tees inside out.

Friction causes the screen-printed design to loosen and flake, so always remember to turn your tees inside out before you wash them. This will also prevent the color from fading.

use the gentle cycle.

By reducing the agitation of your washing machine, you will lessen the friction and prevent the washer from battering your tee’s design. If you have the option, it’s also best to use a washing machine without an agitator (found in top-loading washers), as agitators are known to be quite rough on clothes. Finally, if you’re willing, hand washing your t-shirt is the most gentle option of all. Yes, this takes time, but it’s a great way to preserve your favorite t-shirts.

wash in cold water.

Hot water can be very harsh on a soft t-shirt. Cracking also occurs when ink dries up, and hot water is more drying than cold. Cold water is ideal, but warm water is still better than hot.

hang dry.

A dryer combines the two causes of cracking we’ve already discussed: friction and heat. Unless you’re really in a time crunch, don’t make the mistake of drying your beloved t-shirt in a machine. Always hang it up to dry, letting the air dry it very slowly and gently.

wash less often.

Many garments don’t need to be washed after every use. If your t-shirt isn’t stained, sweaty, or smelly after you wear it, don’t wash it. Simply hang it back up (or fold it back up) so that it is ready for its next day out. Washing and drying are the main culprits when it comes to cracks in a graphic tee, so limit them as much as you can. You could also wear the tee over another t-shirt to prevent sweat stains and smells.

wear less often.

Better yet, wear the t-shirt less often. This option won’t appeal to everyone, but if you’re determined to keep a beloved t-shirt in excellent shape, recognize that your outings wear on its health. Save it for special occasions and store it in a secure location.

Whilst the last option seems a little crazy, you need to think of your new favourite tee as exactly that, and, like your favourite shirt for going out in the evening, don't wear it day in-day out.

    custom items

    do you do bespoke designs?

    Yes, we're open to custom projects or if you want a specific design on a different colour garment or style. Simply email or send a tweet to @WeAreGraft.